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False Lashes Will Make Your Eyes POP!

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How do I apply false eyelashes?

False Lashes Will Make Your Eyes POP!

In the famous words of Chef Emeril Lagasse, if you really want to “kick it up a notch,” add some false lashes to your makeup arsenal. But consider yourself warned - false lashes aren't for the timid, because when you wear them, you are going to be noticed.

Learning to apply false eyelashes is a bit tricky, but once you master this task, people will stare with envy at your lovely lashes. To start off, you can try the individual false lashes. These are pieces of lashes that you can add to your existing ones. They look a little more subtle, and you don't have to use as much lash glue to adhere them. Try adding individual false lashes to the outer corners for an “eye opening” effect.

First, apply a dab of eyelash glue directly to the bottom tip of the lash. Do not apply the glue directly to your eyelid . Hold the lash, pressing lightly into your lash line, and hold it in place for at least a minute. Then gently release. Try out four or five individual pieces per eye.

When you are really ready for all-out glamour goddess lashes, you can try using an entire strip of false lashes. A full strip of lashes takes a little more precision to get them to line up correctly. Once again, squeeze the glue directly onto the strip of lashes. Use as little glue as possible so it doesn't end up too heavy and gloppy. Keep it as close to your natural lash line as possible. You can apply mascara after if you need to, but most of the false lashes are dark enough without mascara. If you are doing these lashes for an event, you might want to have a few trial runs to get used to wearing them. With all that extra va-va-voom, you will surely be the belle of any ball!



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