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A Solution For Those Who Hate Foundation

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Is there a good substitute for foundation?

A Solution For Those Who Hate Foundation

Foundation comes in all different kinds of formulas. Even with a wide variety to choose from, the most common refrain I hear from women is, “I hate foundation!” Even a sheer foundation feels like a mask covering up their skin. I have tried many times to put foundation on someone who doesn't like it to try and change their mind, and it doesn't work. There is a solution for all the foundation haters out there.

If you want your skin to show through, skip foundation altogether and try a tinted moisturizer. It's the best choice for natural coverage that evens out skin tone and will give a healthy glow to your complexion. A tinted moisturizer is closest in texture to a sheer foundation, but also has the added benefit of hydrating the skin. Most tinted moisturizers also offer an SPF of at least 15. If you can find one with an SPF 30, then you are really doing your skin a favor by protecting it daily from incidental sun exposure.



3/7/2008 7:22:12 PM
Natasha said:

I find light-weight foundation works well. I have only recently began to wear make-up and I don't mind wearing foundation


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