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The Beauty Editor Look

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How do you acheive the no-makeup look of a Beauty Editor?

The Beauty Editor Look

Ever notice that when you see a photo of a Beauty Editor she always looks perfectly UN-made up? Most of the time you can hardly tell if she has anything on her face at all! This no-makeup makeup look is a favorite among beauty pros in the know. How do they do it? Read on to learn about the many products it actually takes to achieve a “natural” look.

It starts with a primer, then artfully placed foundation, concealer, a subtle eyeliner, a quick coat of mascara, nude eyeshadow, subtle cheeks, and swipe of lip gloss. Not exactly low maintenance, and yet they look fantastic! The way to create this natural look is to have a light hand when you apply your makeup. You don't want any specific features to stand out. That means toss the bright lipstick, heavy foundation and the blackest black mascara that you love. The biggest key to the Beauty Editor Look is to blend, blend, blend with makeup that is sheer and soft.



2/13/2012 12:28:42 AM
ainsly said:

I'm going to try this with my friend who is obsessed with the natural look hope it works


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