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Blush Twice For a Flush That Lasts All Day

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How do I make blush last all day?

Blush Twice For a Flush That Lasts All Day

No product will give you that little bit of color and fresh look like a good blush will. It perks up the whole face, even when you aren't feeling your best. However, all good things do end. Powder blushes tend to disappear not long after you apply them. The key is to double up with your application. Start with a cream based blush and gently tap it into the apples of your cheeks with the pads of your fingertips. Then, take a swirl of color from your powder blush and layer it right over the top of the cream. Blend upward along the cheek bones. The correct placement of most of the color is on the apples, where you would naturally flush like if you had been running around. This layering process will add hours and hours of wear to your blush.



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