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Neutralizing Red Complexion

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How do you neutralize a red complection?

Neutralizing Red Complexion

To counteract redness on your face, use a green-tinted cover up. Green effectively hides redness from rosacea or broken capillaries. Merle Norman makes a wonderful green cover up; you need only a small amount to neutralize redness. Almay also makes a similar green cover up. To calm and decrease red skin, try Clinique's skin repair system from their "Rx" line. This is a white cream that you apply to red facial areas to actually tone down the redness. Then you can apply a green cover up over these areas, and you're ready for your foundation make-up.



2/28/2010 9:12:55 PM
jackie said:

thank you for this information on neutralizing a red complexion. i have looked everywhere on what to do about my red face and i finally found one. thanks again.


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