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Effectively Covering Blemishes

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How can I cover up blemishes quickly without looking "fake"? I want it to look very natural. I broke out and it seems that nothing will cover it up. What can I do?

Effectively Covering Blemishes

Covering blemishes can be somewhat challenging. Applying foundation over your entire face should help even out your skin tone but foundation alone doesn't always effectively "cover up" those unwanted blemishes.

Before applying your foundation cover the problem spots with concealer. Just dab some concealer over the problem spot and hold it for a minute with your finger. Don't rub the concealer all the way into the blemish; instead the heat of your finger will help blend the concealer into your skin. Make sure you are using a small amount of concealer or you will have a big spot on the blemish. After you have taken care of your problem areas with the concealer then proceed to apply foundation over you entire face and follow with a loose powder. Your concealer and your foundation should match your skin tone exactly so they will blend easily and look natural on your skin.

If you are having problems with breakouts then you should definitely be using water-based make up (foundation and concealer); otherwise you might add to the problem.



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