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How to Apply Makeup

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Can you give me a step by step tips on how to apply makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick etc?

How to Apply Makeup

There is no set way to apply cosmetics, but there are some tricks you can use to get the best results from your application.

The first step is to have a clean, moisturized face.

Then start with your foundation. If you have discoloration or trouble spots on your face you may want to dab some concealer on the problem areas before you apply the foundation. By using concealer first you can get extra coverage. Foundation should be applied with a clean make up sponge or a foundation brush. Using your hands can spread bacteria or add extra oil.

Once you have your foundation blended evenly then you can finish it off with a loose or pressed powder.

The last step is to put on your mascara. Before the mascara is applied, put on your eyeliner. It is appealing on most individuals to line the top eye with a thin line along the length of the eye/eyelashes and not to line underneath, this can cause eyes to look tired.

When your eyeliner is done then you can apply eye shadow. Light colors for the base look best on most people. You can use a darker color in the outer corners to add depth and highlight your eyes.

After the eye shadow application is complete, carefully brush away any excess make up that may have fallen under your eyes. Lightly brush some powder all over your face one more time to set look.

Next add the blush. You don't want to use too much just enough to put the color back in your cheeks. This should be applied to the upper cheekbones and blended out toward the hairline. A bronzer can be used in place of blush for a more natural look.

The next application should be on your lips. You may want to use a lip base to ensure longer wear. Carefully line your lips along your natural lip line, and then fill them in with the desired color of lipstick. Make sure to use a gloss if your wanting a pouty look.



12/9/2006 8:02:08 AM
laura said:

I never knew where to start! Now i do! xx

12/10/2006 3:59:51 PM
Ciara said:

Th tips are great BUT for adults I'm just beginning my teen years and I want to wear make-up that would be just right for my age. Maybe a tween and teen section for girls my age for make-up that won't make us look twenty.

9/19/2008 9:24:34 AM
Bella said:


5/5/2010 9:17:51 PM
brittany said: is cumin....needed a few ips and PERFECT!!!!!

11/24/2010 10:48:54 AM
chloe said:

i really love this wooooo!
i think you are amazing.


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