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Prevent Makeup From Flaking

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After applying eye make-up, I get black blobs in the inside corner of my eyes - any advice?

Prevent Makeup From Flaking

Powder cosmetics like eye shadows can flake easily and mascara tends to have a similar problem. The excess make up can fall into your eyes and cause a build up. Skin that is not conditioned well can easily flake or look dehydrated. Make sure to use a three step skin care regime (cleanse, tone, moisturize) and exfoliate weekly. Also using cream shadows may eliminate the problem of shadow appearing in other places.

Mascara is not a long lasting product. It is recommended you replace your tube of mascara at least every 3 months if not earlier. This product dries out quickly and if it is not stored properly it doesn't stay fresh. If you are rubbing your eyes or have allergies you might want to look at changing brands. Watery eyes or excessive rubbing may cause the make up to flake or come off.



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