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Picking Shadows for Fair Skin and Light Hair

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What color & shade of eyeshadow should I use if I'm a blonde, with fair skin w/pink undertones?

Picking Shadows for Fair Skin and Light Hair

There is no standard for color selection. If you have light hair and skin with pink undertones you would be safe to use pastel light colors.

Here are some color combination suggestions:

Light pink shadows all over with gray or charcoal in the outer corners.
Lavender shadows all over with dark purple in the outer corners and/or half way in the crease of your eye.
Use silver shadow all over with dark gray or charcoal in your crease and/or outer corners of the eye.
Light pinks all over with a shade darker on your lower lid and burgundy in the outer corners.
You will be able to open up your eye if you use lighter colors on the lid, especially at the top of your eye!



2/2/2012 10:12:17 AM
caz said:

pictures would be great so I can see the result of mixing certain eye shadows together.


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