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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Promote Younger-Looking Skin

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What are alpha hydroxyacids and how can they help improve my skin?

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Promote Younger-Looking Skin

Alpha hydroxy acids are naturally occurring, non-toxic substances that enable older or damaged skin to rejuvenate and resemble younger-looking skin. Lucky for us, they're found in edible fruits and vegetables, but if you've been around a while and especially if you've been a sunworshiper, you might benefit from an AHA product applied regularly. A good AHA product rejuvenates and helps form new skin. AHAs work well combined with Retin-A to prevent precancerous skin lesions. This combination will also reverse brown sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles--common changes associated with aging. The most common alpha hydroxy acid used for treatment of serious skin problems such as acne are lactic acid and glycolic acid. AHAs, alone or with other substances, can stimulate the natural process of exuviation--a fancy word that means older (or damaged) skin rejuvenates and becomes younger- and healthier-looking.



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