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Illuminare Makeup Stays Put

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Does Illuminare makeup need to be reapplied?

Illuminare Makeup Stays Put

When you're wearing Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup there will be no need for reapplications—that is unless you remove some by rubbing your face abrasively (like with a facial cloth). If you want no fuss makeup, formulas such as Fantastic Finish and Extra Coverage will stay put as long as you avoid harshly rubbing them.

If you want a formula that won't budge regardless of what you rub it with, however, invest in the Ultimate All Day variety of Illuminare. Then, when you are ready to remove your all day makeup, you can do so easily with a cleanser.

*Not only will your Illuminare makeup not wear off during the day but the SPF level will not degrade either. In other words, you can stop worrying about reapplying for any reason.



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