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Help Makeup Look Great

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What can I do to make my applied makeup look better?

Help Makeup Look Great

Does your makeup never come out looking as even and properly applied as you'd like? Maybe you need to look deeper—literally. If you keep your skin looking hydrated and supple it will make a huge difference in the way your makeup looks. In other words, you need to keep your skin moisturized and taut to receive the best possible makeup coverage. When selecting a method of hydration, avoid using oily products on the skin, which may clog pores. AHAVA Skincare products offers a great option: Advanced Nourishing Cream. After your skin is moisturized, makeup application will be a lot more successful of a venture, When choosing makeup and foundation, however, make sure you choose a moisturizing formula—this will provide additional hydration as well as assist in the prevention of additional wrinkles. Additionally, a cream-based foundation won't settle into existing wrinkles and lines like a powder or cream to powder might. To look even younger, apply a concealer underneath the eyes. Follow with a translucent powder to finish and keep look.



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ruby said:

love ur tips its really helped mwah over the last couple of weeks.


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