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Make Lipstick Stick

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How can I correctly apply lipstick?

Make Lipstick Stick

When it comes to applying makeup, lipstick is among the trickiest of the tricky. Whether you end up with a cakey mess or no lipstick at all, it's hard to get the application process down. Here's a great trick to help you get those lips looking irresistible: Before beginning, be sure that your lips are moisturized. If those things are cracked or chapped, your lipstick will flake off or settle unevenly—not pretty. Try using a lip exfoliator if possible. This will help alleviate chapped and cracked lips. Apply a tiny bit of concealer or foundation around the outer edge of the lip line (this will help prevent feathering). Use a lip pencil or liner, and trace the natural line of your lips. Use a sharp lip liner pencil that has a soft tip, this is the best lip liner. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick—this will help to distribute the color evenly as opposed to applying it directly from the tube. A brush will also allow the application to be more precise and blend well with the lipliner. Blot the lips with a Kleenex and apply a light, translucent powder to set the color. Apply a final layer and blott once more. Add gloss if you want that pouty finish!



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