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What Scar?

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How can I conceal a scar with makeup?

What Scar?

If you are seeking makeup advice on concealing scars, look no further. The first thing you should know is that you shouldn't, under any circumstances, attempt to cover scars with a light concealer. If you do so you will only draw more attention to the area. Scar tissue has a shiny appearance and the key to concealing a scar is to eliminate or reduce the shine. It is not possible to fill in a scar with makeup; doing this will cause the area to look packed and is likely to make them more obvious. The most successful method of scar masking is to conceal the area with good foundation followed by a thin layer of matte powder. Keep powder with you to touch up during the day.



11/23/2008 5:08:57 PM
Sim said:

I have 3 degree burns on my leg and never wear dresses or skirts and i hate it. i have brought dermablend and you can still see the scars because they are so graphic. I want to try and find some stockings that can hide it without them being too obvious they are stockings or any other suggestions would be appreciated


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