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Selecting Make Up for Red Heads is Easy

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What make up colors should a red head choose?

Selecting Make Up for Red Heads is Easy

A lot of natural red heads have a hard time finding make up to match their hair and complexion. Here are some great pointers: Women with red hair, pale skin, and freckles should use a sheer foundation. Let your freckles shine through! As far as eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes are concerned go for natural, neutral colors. When shopping, choose browns, camels, and neutral golden tans. For a little more color, a golden coral brown color will look beautiful on lips and cheeks. If you want to achieve a more dramatic look you can also pair a vivacious red with a gentle brownish-red blush. Or try a great purple eye color! As far as mascara is concerned, brown is your shade.



6/5/2007 10:27:51 AM
tally said:

i'm a redhead myself and find it hard to find makeup that suits me and doesn't lokk too much plastered on,this tip is very useful


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