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Keep That Eye Shadow in Line

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How can I keep my eye shadow in place?

Keep That Eye Shadow in Line

Eye shadow won't stay put? A common makeup problem is wandering eye shadow—sprinklings finding their way to other parts of your face, other than your lids. No worries, however, this problem can easily be resolved. Before applying the shadow, tap all excess powder from your brush. Keep in mind that some eye shadows are much more powdery than others so make smart decisions when purchasing. Want to know a great trick? Before applying your eye shadow, apply a foundation and concealer to the eye area. Then, apply your shadow followed by liner and mascara. Finally, apply foundation to the remaining areas of the face evenly.



8/10/2006 1:20:38 PM
Samantha said:

my eye shadow dosen't stay spred out it gets piled up on the lid where the eye and above the lid meet, it piles up and then there's just a thick glob of eye shadow and it looks realy bad, is there a way to keep it from doing that? i mean this is great and all bla bla bla, but i have this trouble with both my cream and power eye shadow, also how on earth is putting on liquid eyeliner supost to work? it's so hard i have to redo it like 200 times and after that i just plain give up, and last of all my cream eye shadow sometimes gets into my eye lashes, is there a good way to avoid this? or should i just try to coam it out with my eye lash coam?


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