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Question 1

Where does Artiste recommend applying blusher?

Apple of cheeks.

Question 2

What two things does the color blusher you choose depend on?

Skin tone and lipstick color.
Skin tone and color of clothing.

Question 3

What color blusher can anyone wear?

Pink or rose.

Question 4

Where is a contour blusher applied?

Under cheekbone.
Under cheek.
Under blusher.

Question 5

What kind of brush does Artise recommend to apply blusher?

Blusher brush.
Natural blusher brush.

Question 7

Should blush be applied a) straight back to hairline or b) upward towards the ear?

Straight back to hairline

Question 8

To be pretty and sexy, how much make-up does Artiste recommend that you wear?

Very little

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