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Question 1

What does a concealer do? Tip: Don´t use the word conceal in the answer.

Covers blemishes.
Covers dark circles.

Question 2

What tool does Artiste recommend to apply concealer?

Synthetic brush.
Makeup brush

Question 3

Give two examples of where concealer is applied?

Under eyes and blemishes.
Discoloration and under eyes.
Discoloration and blemishes.

Question 4

What determines the shade you choose?

Skin tone.
One shade lighter than makeup.

Question 5

Are all formulas of concealer the same?


Question 6

If a person´s skin is oily, what formula would she want?

Oil free.
Non oily.

Question 7

If a person´s skin is dry, what formula would she want?

With oil.
With water.

Question 8

What product can be used under a concealer?


Question 9

What can a concealer double as?

Eyeshadow base.

Question 10

Besides a cream, what other form can a concealer be in?


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