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Quick Beauty Tips: Beautiful Prom Makeup

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How can I get plump lips for the prom?

Quick Beauty Tips: Beautiful Prom Makeup

On prom night, play up your lips by creating a full beautiful look. It's also important to create a look that will last all night long – so you don't have to constantly re-apply your lip color. Read on to learn quick beauty tips for creating beautiful prom makeup looks.

Apply a primer to your lips. You can use the same primer that you wear under foundation. This will create a canvas for lipstick pigments to stick to once applied.

Choose a lipstick. When choosing prom makeup, select a lip color that's designed to last for hours, like Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup Perfect Lipstick. It has a super smooth consistency that glides on easily and lasts for hours. It also contains vitamin E and coconut oil which moisturizes lips all night. And don't forget to apply a lip liner gently to the lips. Blend into the lipstick to get rid of any harsh lines.

Set your lips. Once you've applied your lipstick, set with a lip-gloss to allow them to last all night long. Choose a lip gloss with either no color or a light shimmer. Try Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Tint, which is super moisturizing and provides extra sheen to the lips.



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