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Get Rid of Post-Shave Stubble

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How can I achieve a clean, smooth shave?

Get Rid of Post-Shave Stubble

Ahh, the look and feel of a clean, fresh shave…but wait, what's that? Stubble?! If you always look like you still have a five o'clock shadow right after you shave you're not alone. Never being able to achieve a smooth shave is annoying yet not uncommon. Here are some great tips to help you attain that baby-smooth feel: Shave right after you shower so that the skin and hair are soft and pores will be open for easier shave. Shave with the grain. Change your razor blade after every other shave. After shaving close your pores by applying an alcohol free toner. Invest in some good skin care products for men, including a great shave gel and a soothing moisturizer.



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